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Content Marketing


Media production and distribution is the fastest way to grow visibility, credibility, and trust in a new and targeted community. Yet many small business overlook or disregard this invaluable marketing approach. STUDIO-M creates visual assets that focus on your strengths to position your business as an aspirational brand. We use visuals to shape your message because visuals are paramount when engaging with an audience.

Articles with images get 94% more total views. By including a photo and a video in a press release or article increases views by over 45% to 60%. Consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in search results. While images play a part in communicating your message, they must be relevant to the text —otherwise conflicting perspectives can be sent. At Studio-M we use photo and video media to create meaningful brand stories as article pitches. Our content messaging  is consistent and relevant to the reader in order to bring people closer to real life discussions, and eventually to a point of purchase.


• Editorial Photo Production

• Editorial Video Production

• Editorial Article Creation

• Media Distribution & Submission

• SEO and public directory update

Brand Collateral Materials


Your brand identity is the first step to success. Your insignia design is a symbol of provenance in order to attract potential customers to your business. Your brand insignia also identifies a consistent personality whenever customers engage with your products or services. STUDIO-M can create or update a simple, meaningful and memorable brand identity design with functional collateral materials that define the identity of your business. We can support and reinforce your your branding with a
direct-mail or email campaign that expands your brand message and personality further.


• Brand Identity and Insignia Design

• Branded Print & Internet Collaterals

• Direct Mail Marketing & Distribution

• SEO and public directory update

Ambassador Marketing


STUDIO-M can leverage brand influencers as the core component of your promotional campaign and build other marketing strategies around that core. We can implement word of mouth marketing utilizing our resource of influencers, or we can create an organic campaign from Social Media engagements.


• Affiliate Sales Program

• Ambassador Program

• Street Team Marketing

• SEO and public directory update

Internet Marketing


STUDIO-M can implement simple yet fundamental points of contact on Social Networks, Online publications and targeted email list to create meaningful engagements with new customers. Our approach intrigues prospects to learn more about your brand, enroll in your activations and lead towards buying. STUDIO-M can tailor a “Mobile Friendly” marketing campaign to target, introduce and engage consumers with your brand while they are on the go.


• Targeted Social Network Groups

• Introductory Campaign

• Engagement Campaign

• Press Releases & Media Pitches